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At Pink Buffalo Films we love breathing life into ideas. Playing with colour, sound, and image. Tell tall tales that stay with you. Stretching the elasticity of our brains to find something new in our collective wrinkly cortices. Facing the sink or swim nature of production because that’s what brings out the best in us. Launching, entrenching, and resuscitating brands – let’s get into that! Embracing the limitless style universe and yeah, sometimes making some pretty weird sh*t. We love throwing concepts against every wall in sight, reworking them, finessing them, peeling them back, breaking them down and rebuilding them, feeding and watering them, and then standing back to see it…your brand’s perfect message.

We just love creating and we respect your brand as much as you do.

Our Team


Martin Fisher

CEO & Founder

My career started when I moved from the Prairies to BC at the ripe old age of 17 and took a sales gig at a local Penticton radio station. Over a ten-year span I was headhunted numerous times and worked the business side of launching seven radio stations in Penticton, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria.

After deciding I was tired of my boss, retirement sounded like a good idea. Two days later the cover of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award went to ‘You, for User Generated Content’. It seemed there was a shift coming in the way people consumed content online. YouTube was a year and a half old and I decided to delve into content creation.

Feeling compelled to offer businesses an outlet for professional video communications with an ‘MTV-like’ flare, we launched On Demand Production Network. ODPN is now in its 10th year, with over 1,00 productions to its name.

Shawn Angelski

Partner & Executive Producer

When I was 16 a big Disney movie came to my small town of 500 people. My friends and I all became extras, and spent our summer sitting on set watching the magic happen. I wasn’t interested in the actors or the extra work, rather what was going on behind the scenes. I was fascinated with how everything was put together, and knew then I wanted to Produce movies, even though I had no idea what that meant at the time. After doing my final year of high school as an exchange student in Germany, I made the move to the big city of Vancouver to follow my dream.

When I arrived in Vancouver I hit the ground running, and quickly became a Production Manager and Producer of all kinds of Indie and commercial projects. I have worked with some of Canada’s biggest selling artists including Michael Buble, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nickelback, Hedley and Marianas Trench. In 2012 I won 5 awards at the Much Music Video awards including Video of the Year for “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, which has earned over 500 Million views on Youtube and was the #1 Video throughout the world.

Over the past 18 years I’ve Produced every kind of Project you can imagine from Short films, Live music specials, Children’s TV, To MMA Fight TV, as well ascommercial campaigns for Brands such as Starbucks, Bodog, Scion, Science World, and Vancity to name a few.

In 2010, I teamed up with The Vicious Brothers (Colin Minihan & Stuart Ortiz) to Produce “Grave Encounters”. In early 2011, “Grave Encounters” was acquired by Robert Deniros distribution company Tribeca Film, and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2011. Tribeca Film released “Grave Encounters” in August 2011 and it soon became their most successful title. Soon after in 2012 I teamed up with Pink Buffalo Films to Produce “Grave Encounters 2”.

The Trailer for “Grave Encounters” has earned over 30 Million Views on YouTube and was the most viewed Indie movie trailer of 2011. “Grave Encounters” 1 & 2 have been distributed throughout the globe.

Most recently I, with Pink Buffalo Films, Produced a feature film called “Extraterrestrial”, which has been released by IFC films in the USA, and has sold to over 50 countries worldwide.

My work has taken me around the globe, and introduced me to some pretty amazing people. I’m inspired by people who strive for the best quality work, and exceed expectations, and I pride myself in recognizing those talents and building strong teams.

Jason Mackay

Partner & National Development

My love for experiencing new things and learning about new cultures grew from spending my childhood in Vancouver, Hawaii and Montreal. As an adult I’ve explored 6 out of the 7 continents and with each new destination history, politics and life sciences are a recurring theme. Yoga and meditation have taught me that happiness can only truly come from within yourself.

As a veteran of the start-up business world I have found myself in many different places. In my early 20’s I started a cooking oil recycling company that ran out of Las Vegas, Chicago and Cancun. After moving back home to Vancouver I worked with The Beat 94.5FM, an independent radio station (at the time), where I met my good friend, travel buddy and now business partner Martin Fisher. In 2007 Martin and I left the radio world to build a digital media production company, which has now evolved into much more. Since the company’s inception, I’ve built strong relationships with clients including BC Hydro, Rogers Communications, Brand Live and Safeway. From corporate storytelling to full length feature films, I look forward to working on projects that effect true change in the world. Namaste.

Rich Murray

Partner & Creative Strategy

The earliest evidence of my love of film-making was my first attempt at creating a monster movies with a plastic Godzilla, those green army men, ketchup packs, and the crushing of nacho chips next to the mic for the bone crunching sound effects.

Fast forward past my elementary days of sports day ribbons and hot dog days; my 80’s high school experience that included a killer collection of Chet’s Head Turners, and the Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusions double album; and skip past my university career as a foosball prodigy, somehow I managed to squeak out an education which led me to an exciting career in food services with the rest of the BA’s.

So, I went back to what I really enjoyed…bringing ideas to life. And that’s really what I’m asked to do everyday. Pretty sweet gig. I feel that I’ve been able to refine my craft over the years* and I come to work everyday excited to collaborate with client’s to help make original, effective content that works.

Fraser McKeen

National Development

I am a Vancouver native, and have spent a significant amount of time on both Canadian coasts. After completing University in the maritimes, I took a job in China, as a brand manager with one of the biggest importers of wine and spirits in China and Taiwan.

After moving back to Vancouver I was involved in a few entrepreneurial ventures, which led me to produce films with the founder of Pink Buffalo Films, Martin Fisher. After the success of two feature films, I have joined Pink Buffalo Films full time as an executive producer focused on building strategic partnerships in the commercial, film, and TV space.

Jean Pierre Cartier


My Montreal roots cemented my “joie de vivre” attitude that transcend all aspects of my life. Living in Vancouver for most of my adult years introduced me to a love of health, nature and life balance. I am often heard saying that I am a “frenchman with a surfboard” which sums it up perfectly. Living in Japan reminded me of how small this world truly is and cemented my absolute and constant need to travel and meet new souls.

The hotel business taught me hospitality and empathy, the Human Resources world highlighted the human element and people value, and the event industry introduced the power of visual spectacles and human interaction. It is destiny that lead me to the the Pink Buffalo Film team to create digital media productions of the highest level that encapsulate all of these traits that are forever captured.

I am happiest when I can sit down with individuals or teams, discuss strategic collaborations and develop longterm friendships and partnerships along the way. Merci!

John Kennedy


Growing up and living in both urban & rural Ontario, I’ve had the unique experience of big city and farm-country life. I attended the University of Toronto for Business Management & Psychology – tuition and beer money mostly came from working at the campus pub and a summer job tree planting in Northern Ontario. After moving to Vancouver in 2010 for career and family, I quickly realized that connecting with people and storytelling was a big energizer for me. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to over 9 countries, experienced amazing cultures, architecture and local cuisine. Photography and cooking are my favourite ways of sharing these experiences. My love of travel is rivalled only by calling Vancouver home!

Over my 15 years in retail and business development, from junior sales rep to senior leader, I’ve created and developed teams of amazing people to realize their full potential, created strategic partnerships with vendors and clients, all to deliver world-class employee and client experiences. I geek out on creating meaningful partnerships with individuals, teams, businesses and community. I look forward to working on projects to help inspire people.

Morgan Inglis

Story Producer + Director

A brief stint in the news industry as a reporter was all I needed before moving my career path behind the camera, where I landed a job as an editor. This introduction into the production world was where I built a fundamental belief in the strength of pure storytelling.

A natural instinct for organization and leadership carried me to a job producing live broadcasts across the globe in the world of international sport. The fast-paced realm of live television took me to two Olympic games and across the globe producing and directing live broadcasts, working with brands such as Red Bull, Oakley, Specialized, the CBC, BBC and national broadcasters in every major European centre. During that time, I also began directing and shooting content that ranged from branded content to documentaries, and along the way, started a small boutique production company to continued servicing clients in the sports production world.

Coming full circle, my deep-rooted passion for collaboration with talented industry professionals and desire to create amazing stories has led me to work with Pink Buffalo Films.

Amy Huynh

Story Producer

Stories. If we don’t tell them, it’s like they never happened.

My professional career to date has been dedicated to sharing the world’s stories. As a TV news producer I informed Australia of happenings there at home and over the seven seas. This continued when I moved into breakfast television and was on the daily hunt to find interesting characters to wake the nation up of a morning.

But there comes a time when most Aussies feel the travel bug rage wildly inside – particularly for someone whose job involved keeping a constant eye on the world. This is how I found myself moving to the other side of the globe to Vancouver – a new place to create stories of my own and tell yours at greater creative heights.

Bri Puffer

Production Manager

Growing up In Alberta for the majority of my life, I’ve always felt my true calling was on the west coast in the world of production. I moved to Vancouver in 2013 to explore the possibilities and I’ve loved every moment of it! I graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary with a diploma in Technical Theatre, then transferred out to Vancouver to attend Simon Fraser University and received my degree in Production and Design in 2016.

Entertainment has always played a huge role in my life whether that’s hosting a great party for my friends or creating an intriguing shoot for a client. I love being in the middle of the action and at times can be a bit of a daredevil. I’ve stage-managed a variety of things from classic Shakespearean plays to modern dance pieces. I’ve also had the pleasure of doing some costume and set design for theatrical projects. Most recently I dove into the world of coordination and it’s exactly where I want to be. I’ve had some amazing experiences working on feature films, music videos and commercials and I’m ready to create some new and unique content moving forward in my career. Whatever the project is, I’m driven to learn new techniques and delivering the best possible performance. I’m excited to be a part of the Pink Buffalo team and to channel my untapped foosball skills. Storytelling has always been such a valuable component to my life and I’m truly happy and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to create yours.

Chris Szabunia

Editing Supervisor

My name is Chris and I like to tell stories. Be it written, verbal or visual… I get great satisfaction from delivering something that makes an impact or draws a reaction. If it doesn’t, I ask myself how I can change it to achieve the desired effect.

I have been accused of being long-winded in the past, but those people don’t know that the heart of a great story is in the details. If it weren’t for the details, my stories would be just like everyone else’s, and that would be bad, because – you know – that would make me easily replaceable. My name is Chris and I like to tell stories.

Christoph Helms

Director of Photography & Editor

My professional career began with target shooting when I was 9 years old. I got first prize in our communal Easter egg shooting competition winning 20 eggs and the title of being Easter egg kinder king.

Ostereierkinderschützenkönig. Yes, I’m German and we make up these kind of words. Nowadays I’m shooting other kind of targets and win dough instead of eggs. I am still aiming for first place, and the passion I put into it hasn’t changed a bit!

Jason Albrecht


I’ve always wanted to work in film and television because I want to reach people and one of the best ways to reach someone is through a story. A person’s view of history, their own lives, and the world around them is shaped through compelling stories. A story also can take many forms from a two-hour feature film to a single image.

My work with Pink Buffalo Films allows me to not only tell stories of every kind but to reach so many people from all walks of life. Every day I have the chance to help someone give voice to their ideas and help them view the world in a whole new way.

Amanda Strachan


Early 2016 I packed a bag and moved across the country to chase a story. At the time, what some considered a risky decision (but to me, the obvious one) has turned out to be an exciting journey that’s landed me here in beautiful British Columbia, and with the wonderful Pink Buffalo team.

A Toronto transplant, I spent more than a decade in front of a camera as an actress and TV host. Many moons and years later, I found myself behind the scenes collaborating with some of Canada’s most revered and acclaimed filmmakers and top talent (including my personal heroes, The Kids in the Hall). I’ve had the privilege of working on award winning feature length films and television series in genres that range from comedy to historic tales that share the courageous experiences of our veterans. Projects I’ve been part of have also graced some of the country’s most prestigious festivals including TIFF, VIFF and Hot Docs, as well as international festivals including Cannes.

A true cinephile at heart, my greatest passion and happiness is found in the process of crafting, creating and often cutting (aka editing) unique, genuine stories. And of course, it always helps when you’re doing it surrounded by mountains, ocean and a great group of people.

andrew brown

Andrew Brown

Motion Graphics

Born and raised among the cedars on the isolated Central Coast of BC, I spent most of my young life outdoors with a paint brush in hand. I left the rugged coast to study painting at the Alberta College of Art & Design, where I made my first forays into stop motion animation. In tiny back rooms throughout Alberta and British Columbia I produced three stop motion films before moving on to digital animation.

elyse stevenson

Elyse Stevenson

Designer & Developer

My favorite memories from childhood in Calgary are colouring and sketching for hours in my parents living room on that 70’s round glass table that tipped over constantly. At some point during my lengthy academic career at UBC in Kelowna and Vancouver, I heard about graphic design. I didn’t really know what it was exactly but it kept coming up while I attempted to ‘find myself’ - you know, classic millenial stuff. In an effort to satiate the design gremlin that had fully formed in the back of my mind, I completed in the New Media and Web Development program from BCIT here in Vancouver. There I learned I actually like coding and being able to do both design and developing indulges my constant obsession with learning.

As much as I love exploring the world of acadamia, its always been art. I believe that good design elevates the users experience by telling a great story. Finding this group of natural story tellers at Pink Buffalo was a no brainer for me and now I get to help them tell our clients stories.

sarah chapman

Sarah Chapman

Logistics & Marketing

After months of studying all over Europe, I fostered a passion for the visual arts and the driving forces of change throughout history. This built the framework for my Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of British Columbia that I earned only a short time later. Having a background in the history behind the visual arts has sparked a hunger to explore the life and persona a business can embody and better understand how and why brands are successful. My goal is to bring our clients into the Pink Buffalo Films culture allowing them to understand who we are as a company and how we can drive their brands forward with film.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me checking out the latest Indie band, or enjoying the sites of the seawall. As a born and bred Vancouverite, my creativity thrives between the oceans and the mountains, but finds a true home in the bricks of Gastown.