CEO + Founder

My career started when I moved from the Prairies to BC at the ripe old age of 17 and took a sales gig at a local Penticton radio station.  Over a ten-year span, I was headhunted numerous times and worked the business side of launching seven radio stations in Penticton, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria.

After deciding I was tired of my boss, retirement sounded like a good idea.  Two days later the cover of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award went to ‘You, for User Generated Content’.  It seemed there was a shift coming in the way people consume content online.  YouTube was a year and a half old and I decided to delve into content creation.

Feeling compelled to offer businesses an outlet for professional video communications with a ‘MTV-like’ flare, we launched On Demand Production Network.  ODPN is now in its 10th year, with over 1,00 productions to its name.