Why We Excel

Pink Buffalo Films is one of Canada’s most-established production companies. Spanning a decade and a half, our work in the film and television industry means we’ve created alongside some of the globe’s most distinguished production partners.

That breadth of experience has allowed us to cultivate a talent roster that goes beyond our borders. But, just because we’ve proven our ability in the past doesn’t mean we sit back and let previous success dictate our future – regardless of scope, we strive to innovate and to bring originality, professionalism, and sophistication to each and every one of our projects.

Put simply – we’re talented, accomplished and never content to settle.

Our Production Services clients are provided with all of the following:

  • Preferred rates with equipment suppliers across Canada
  • Thorough logistics planning and scheduling nation-wide
  • AICP-standard bids, quotes, and estimates
  • Comprehensive production handling, including cost tracking and overall supervision of production budget
  • Full wrap services including actualizing, payroll, insurance coverage and all tax documentation
  • Canada-wide location scouting and permitting
  • Preferential access to top-tier union and non-union crews across Canada

Why Come North

The fact that your dollars get you further here isn’t the only reason to shoot on Canadian soil. Vancouver and Toronto are the 3rd and 4th largest production centers in North America after Los Angeles and New York, and both boast deep rosters of highly-trained union and non-union talent. When looking for location options for your nationwide or global campaigns, non-union buyouts in Canada can make those productions that much more affordable.

We also have access some of the most diverse geographies in the world – three different oceans, stunning mountain ranges, sweltering deserts and frozen glaciers, not to mention major metropolises and quaint villages, all within close range of major US production hubs.